A Family Genealogy Project


I created this blog as an attempt to create an active forum for discussing and archiving the history of the McNeill Family of Wilkes County, North Carolina. 

I became inspired to do this after watching a family documentary, “From Rendezvous Mountain to Elkin: Remembrances of the Past.”  At some point, I hope to upload this documentary to the internet in a series of video files.  Watching this video made me interested in family’s history in northwest North Carolina.  In a culture that’s filled with unflattering portrayals of Appalachian people, I think it’s important to highlight stereotype-busting families like the McNeill’s, who were noted for their commitment to education, community service, religious piety, hard work, and entrepreneurialism.

My goal for this site is to use the multimedia capabilities of the internet to create a vivid account of the McNeills and Wilkes Country history.  Any reader contributions (stories, family trees, pictures, anecdotes, etc.) are encouraged and very much appreciated!

Thank you for your interest in our family,

Robert Callaway


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